"Charlie is an exceptional massage therapist! I been to others and  can tell the  difference in his therapy. His therapy is genuine and  unique. He is awomenfacedown very knowledgeable, not just in regards to the body  and massage therapy, but in so many other realms. Other therapist  just touch the body, Charlie works the body  with deeper, more  profound, lasting results, not a back rub, Charlie massages with insight unlike any other  therapist I have ever known! " Steve D., Terre Haute

"After rotator cuff surgery my doctor referred me to physical therapy. I saw some  improvement. But when I went back to my doctor I told him what was most beneficial backmassagewas the massage, which was only provided some of the time and not for very long. He highly recommend Charlie Peebles. I went  to him and was very impressed as well as my doctor, about how I progressed. After the first treatment I could tell this was the therapy I should have been doing all along. I would highly recommend Charlie. I  have been to other massage therapist's in the past for relaxing massages and never  knew the medical side  of a massage and the benefits that it could achieve. Charlie is  very knowledgeable  and I owe him the progress of my complete healing. "  Natasha S., Brazil

 "I have seen dozens of massage therapist who claim they do "deep tissue massage"  and  have been disappointed, but Charlie delivers. He is the best!" Ashely C.,   Terre  Haute

 "Charlie has helped me with my fibromyalgia. He has been an important
 advocate in maintaining my health and managing my pain." Jennifer W., Brazil

“I just wanted to tell you how much better I feel today after your wonderful massage   yesterday, I got a good night’s sleep and I just am able to move so much  better today…I thank you so very much and I’ll be in touch to schedule my next   one.” — Stephanie S., Terre Haute IN

"I can't believe what a difference a "chair massage" can make! Not only my back but   my neck and  shoulders   have never felt so stress free. I didn't get one of your cards   however, I did find you on the  web   so I thought   I would drop you this email and let massage2  you know that I thought your "chair massage"  was   excellent Thank You So Very  Much!!! I have already called an made appointment for Saturday,  See you Then!!!!!!!" — Joni C., Terre Haute

“This morning I woke up and felt the best I have felt in years! Thank you, Thank   you…and I look forward  to the next one. — Jerry B., Brazil IN

“Thank you so much for the massage treatment and the exercise you showed me   how  to do. The shoulder is   almost pain free and is doing well. Also getting up  the  next  morning went much better than usual.” — Cyndie  S., Clinton IN

 “Thanks for  doing a great job on my back. I feel like I can swing a club without  pain again. ” — Ed K., Clinton IN

“I've been meaning to e-mail you all weekend. Consider me a strong devotee of    your Massage practice. I have felt so well since I saw you. I have been trying   to figure out  when I  could   see you again sooner than what I scheduled. Thanks  again for the beautiful  treatment.” — Jill S.   Brazil   

"Charlie, I just can't thank you enough for all of the extra techniques you taught us therapeutic massage students at Ivy Tech! Now that I have been out of school for a year and traded enough massages with more experienced therapists, I realize just how much you gave us. Many times I've been told, "Wow, that feels so good. I need to start doing that!" about maneuvers you demonstrated to a group of impatient students eager to get out of class. Thank you, thank you, Thank YOU!" —Susan D. M

" Wow the last time I saw you was like I had visited my chiropractor ten times. When I got up and walked around I felt like I was walking on air"!!! —Bob S. Terre Haute

" Wow my foot feels so much better today I can't believe the difference! I still think I should have found you in a Physical Therapist office or Pain Clinic! Thanks so much, your GREAT!" — Debbie H.   Brazil